“I AM” Renewed

New Universal “I AM” 3D Pendant / Keychain

After many attempts at creating my vision of the perfect “I AM”,
the newest United “I AM” with 3D Lettering is now available.

New United “I AM” 3D Pendant / Key-chain


Custom made by Shapeways in your choice of  metals or plastics.

Now Available in 3 4 sizes:
21mm small. nickel sized, for ear rings or pendant,
30mm, quarter sized, United “I AM’ Medallion.
38mm large, silver dollar size pendant or key-chain,
and a huge 77mm, ~3″ Bling size for the audacious.
In Platinum the 3″ weighs approximately 11.1 oz.

Order your own custom made United “I AM” today.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery.
Time depends on choice of materials and finish.
Plastics are fastest, precious metals take longer.

Visit the United “I AM” Shop to see all the options and styles.