Thoughts on “I AM”

Besides the original use of “I AM” as the “Name of God”
or the more common usage in personal affirmations, there are many “I AM” acronyms. I like to use the letters to define the union of “I AM” such as,
“Invisible And Manifest”, which is a reminder of duality of the Creator.
“Infinite And Magical” is another that comes to mind when pondering the power of “I AM”.

Over the 28 years since creating the Universal “I AM” symbol I have pondered many possible acronyms, some including the “O” that surrounds the Universal “I AM”. In it’s simplest form I would say it means “I AM Eternal” since the circle has no begining or end, the Alpha and Omega. I have also called it “I AM Zero” or “I AM Nothing”, which both have deeper philosophical meanings than were obvious at first.

What was obvious from the beginning was that “I AM” is a vibration with incredible power that comes from the Word being spoken. interestingly the Bible is full of creation stories where God spoke or breathed something into existence, apparently from “Nothing”. John 1:1 goes even deeper with “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If “God” was The Creator then, so is the Living Word now, simple math. We are both creations and creators, to what outcome depending on our “I AM” beliefs and usage of the Word. Selah…


There are many I.A.M. acronyms, but my favorite imaginary(?) group is
the “Intergalactic Ascended Masters”
(or more accurately, “Inter-dimensional”).
That’s a subject worthy of another page, acronyms that is.
Coming soon.