About The United “I AM”

The United “I AM” symbol was created by jfox in 1988 after an “out of body” experience triggered by food allergies. Well, that’s another story all together because he understood it was not about him but was a Universal “I AM” that exists in all of Creation. He was only a vessel for the true Creator to express something that is invisible yet is the force behind all that is Created.

The power of “I AM” goes beyond the “Name of God”. It is an expression of unique individual personalities and causes a “vibration” that Creates, good or bad being a matter of judgement. That is the true power of “I AM” and the United “I AM” is a simple reminder that you are a co-Creator, inseparable from the source of all that exists.

The United “I AM” symbol is now available to the public, 3D printed by Shapeways in plastics or cast in precious metals. New styles have been created for 3D printing that have been ideas on paper for almost 30 years. More design improvements and styles are in the works including future mass production. Current designs are only available 3D printed and cast to order in your choice of materials so may be a one of a kind Unique “I AM” depending on your Creation.

Original United “I AM” pendant created in 1988 by jfox

Any suggestions or requests for future designs are welcome.